New Headphones

Published on March 19, 2014 by admin under Other

I need a new headphones and I cannot use the ordinary one. I need a headphone with three lines or with only one plug for both microphone and headset.

I hope there’s something like this that I can use for a conference call or when I just like to listen to the music.

I’m going to check out american audio headphones from guitar center and hopefully I can find a nice one.

Shopping Sites

Published on February 18, 2014 by admin under Web

Shopping online is really addicting! Not only because there are lots of sales, but because of convenience! My favorite brands I love to shop from are:

1. Kate Spade – for bags

2. Gap, J Crew – for clothes

3. Amazon – for any other items.

4. Other sites – depends on what I need to buy.

Right now, I’m not looking for anything to shop online though. I’m looking for a cnc machinery site because of my sister.

Glad this site with new cnc machinery here allows delivery.

Going back. What are your favorite online shopping sites?


Flappy Bird Score

Published on February 18, 2014 by admin under Games

What’s your highest score in Flappy Bird? My highest is only 90. How about you?

I know there are lots of people getting more then 120 as their highest score, so that’s my next goal. lol!

But I haven’t play the game for two days now since I am busy. Hopefully I can play again tomorrow.

Anyone got 200?

School Fair

Published on February 3, 2014 by admin under Other

My daughter’s school celebrated their jubilation, whatever that means, lol. But hey, it was fun! There were lots of activities and events, including dance contests, singing contests, cheerleading competition and concerts.

I went there on the first day, first thing in the morning when I sent my daughter to school and saw everyone excited. There were on stage speaker stands, different amplifiers and sound system being set up.

There were lots of food stalls and bazaars too!

Looking forward to next year’s event, again. :)

Need a New Headphones

Published on January 29, 2014 by admin under Other

I really need a new headphones now. My old one is broken already. Its’ quite cheap so as expected, it didn’t last long. But recently, I’ve been thinking to buy one that will last long, and this morning, I saw some great Monster studio headphones at musicians friend!

Is it a sign that I should really buy a new one? lol!

I’ll think about it or maybe, I should ask hubby to buy me one. :)

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